The highs and lows of the fashion world

– By Greg Christie, Lifestyle Salons Owner

It seems strangely ironic, or to some poetic justice, that in the same week that GISELE BUNDCHEN, the Brazilian-born beauty, has been tipped by Forbes Magazine to become the first billionaire supermodel, James Brown, the celebrity hairdresser and star of the hit TV show The Great British Hairdresser, is set to be cast out and lose everything for his racist comments at the BAFTA awards.

Where is the irony? I hear you ask. Well, it is a little known fact that it was actually James Brown who discovered Gisele in an open casting back in the early nineties. 

His friendship with another supermodel, Kate Moss, propelled James Brown’s career to stratospheric levels and captured him an A-list celebrity clientele. This, along with many front cover shoots, earned him the title of one of the top session hairdressers in the world. To his critics though, he was always known to be controversial and arrogant.

On the flip side of this coin there sits the beauty queen on her carefully constructed financial fashion throne based on a modelling career that has netted her £152,000,000 over the last decade and her many lucrative endorsements with the likes of H&M and Versace have allowed her to branch out into carefully managed business ventures that will ultimately win her this monetary title.

Brown, who is 41, has experienced many highs and lows in his life. Alongside his jet-set lifestyle he has also had to be bailed out financially by a friend to the tune of £3,000,000 to rescue his ill fated own-name hair product range and has now had “emergency” meeting with Boots.

But this latest racist rant may well turn out to be the turning point. It would seem that in the shadow of John Galliano’s departure from Dior, for making anti Semitic comments, it would seem likely that Brown will face the same fate and be put out to pasture.

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