Turning 30? Turn to pink just like Fearne Cotton

Radio 1 DJ Fearne Cotton turned 30 last week and how did she celebrate it, rocked with the Red Hot Chilli Peppers, date the son of a rocker, or highlight her hair rose pink? Actually all three… Fearne is the eternal fashion icon for popular culture…expect to see lots of tweens with pink hair at your local shop soon!

Fearne Cotton with Pink Hair

However we do like the pink, it is refreshing, fun, youthful and certainly gets you noticed. We love to play with colour in the salon and beautiful, bold shades like this really does make the fun of the summer last longer.

Pink hair is fast becoming a popular 2011 trend, with Sienna Miller, Katy Perry and Glee star Dianna Argon all showing off the new look this summer.

Do you want to experiment with colour? Book a consultation at the salon online here

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Lifestyle Salons featured in YOU magazine!

Lifestyle Hairdressing and Beauty Salons featured in “You” Magazine.  We are celebs now too!

In our hairdressing and beauty blog we are always talking about what the celebrities are up to with their hair, make-up and style but guess who has been in the spotlight this week?  Go on – guess!  Yes – US!

“YOU” magazine, Sunday supplement to the Mail on Sunday looks at the family behind our super-chic hairdressing and beauty salons in Milton Keynes and Aylesbury.  The article was written by Josephine Fairley, author of the Beauty Bible, she interviewed Suzy Christie, one of the joint owners of Lifestyle Salons and asked her what was important about being a “village mum” in Whaddon that runs a business.

Suzy Christie

Suzy answered that what makes her happy is “customers who visited the salons when they first opened years ago are still coming back today”.   That actually means a lot to all of us here at Lifestyle Salons as it tells us we aren’t just sending people back out through the door with beautifully styled hair or radiant skin but we have offered them good advice, been friendly, offered value for money and given them a positive and pleasurable hair or beauty experience.

In this financial climate it’s important that you can justify every penny you spend and if we have made you happy, then we’ve done our job.

Read the Lifestyle Hairdressing and Beauty Salons feature in “YOU” magazine here

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Vanessa Hudgens now has a sleek black bob

The High School Musical and Sucker Punch actress was seen in Los Angeles working her new ‘soccer mom’ short hair into a stylish and uber chic, chin length bob.

We were all stunned when beautiful Vanessa cut off her long raven locks to win a part in new movie Gimme Shelter and now she is already learning how versatile her new short do is by styling it into an sleek black bob. She worked this look well while shopping in Los Angeles with her sister this week by accessorising her chic bob with a wide brimmed black hat and an ethnic style dress.

Vanessa Hudgens out and about in LA with an uber-chic sleek bob

Vanessa Hudgens out and about in LA with an uber-chic sleek bob

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Katy Perry goes Blonde! No wait…pink!!!

Our favourite singing superstar Katy Perry has coloured her hair golden blonde…no wait, make that pink!

A few weeks ago Katy was seen out and about with red hair and hinted that this was the first stage in her major makeover… and the result of this was shown in full glory when Mrs Brand walked the blue carpet at the Smurfs premiere last week going back to her natural Blonde roots with her newly coloured golden hair styled into ringlet curls.

Now Katy has been spotted out and about with her beau Russell Brand with light pink hair while taking a break from promoting The Smurfs… This women is becoming a style chameleon and we love it!

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Vanessa Hudgens and Pixie Lott go for the chop!

Scary thought isn’t it going for the chop? But sometimes it is the perfect cure for the summer blues… If you have had long hair for a while it can be a shock but it can be also extremely liberating and build your own sense of individuality.

Young celebs caught onto the trend last year when Harry Potter star Emma Watson got a VERY short Pixie cut and she has become a fashion icons for teenagers everywhere and the muse of the lot of young fashion designers. Following in her footsteps this year is High School Musical star Vanessa Hudgens and singing sensation Pixie Lott who have both cut off their locks to show a more mature look.

We think they look great!

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Summer Showers and Highlights

The summer is here! Well the UK summer is here which means showers galore followed by blinding sunshine which makes it very difficult to drive, despite all this the craze is back for highlights. With even steadfast brunettes like Cheryl Cole and even Kim Kardashian jumping on the highlights bandwagon by making their iconic dark hair lighter for the coming summer months.

UK girl Cheryl Cole has had her style team working overtime trying to restablish her reputation in the UK since her rejection from the USA XFactor. We think her new shorter Asymetric do with honey highlights suits her well and definately gives her a maturer edge which we are sure the UK public will grow to love.

On the other side of the pond talent show star and style icon Kim Kardashian has had her dark locks lightened in time for her wedding this summer. She quotes in a tweet ‘I feel younger and im loving it’!.

Are you considering highlights for the summer? book a FREE consultation online…or call 01908 614642 for the Milton Keynes Salon, or call 01296 330220 for the Aylesbury Salon.

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2011 Summer Hairstyle Trends

From big curls to simple side ponys, here are the hottest hair trends this summer.

Carmen Electra's Side Ponytail

Carmen Electra's Side Ponytail

Side Ponytail: Whether your hair is curly, frizzy or straight a side ponytail is an easy style to do a moment’s notice and is great for a lazy day in the sun as a bohemian babe or a wild night out with your favourate sparkly dress.

Natural Vanilla: The bedhead look is back! Stop trying to wrestle with your natural waves in morning with the stylers and take a leaf from the Spring/Summer catwalk by adding a few shades of Vanilla Blonde to your hair and leave it dry naturally to get this year’s ultimate summer style.

Jennifer Aniston's Sunkissed Bob

Jennifer Aniston's Sunkissed Bob

Sunkissed: The perfect antidote to a black and bleak Winter / Spring is to give the sun a helping hand with your hair by adding a few highlights a tone or two lighter than your natural hair, think Jennifer Aniston. Which will make your hair look more shiny and ready for the beach.

Rebel Red Waves: Wow stop the traffic this summer with the colour of the year, thanks to natural redheads Amy Adams and Paloma Faith working their natural rouge tones on the red carpet, the shade of red is back with a vengence and looks great with some light waves to add texture.

Emma Watson's Short and Slick style

Emma Watson's Short and Slick style

Short and Slick: The Pixie cut was the hairstyle of 2010 and this summer the grown out Pixie cut can look great by slicking back your fringe to the side and adding a simple hair accessory, a great androgynous look which was very popular on the catwalk this Spring. 

Ballerina Buns: This chic look is very popular this year because of Oscar winning actress Natalie Portman’s portrayal of a ballerina with demons in Black Swan. This simple look is easy to do and is great for women with small delicate facial features.

Drew Barrymore's Dip Dye Blonde style

Drew Barrymore's Dip Dye Blonde style

Dip Dye: Play with colours this spring by adding a fun tone to ends of your hair. With Katy Perry and Lady Gaga going for the bright purple and gold colours this will be popular with the teens, however it is great for us grown ups too as we can follow Alexa Chung or Drew Barry more with a textured style and subtler natural coloured tips.

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Protect your hair from the sun this summer

The UK summer can’t seem to make up its mind we are in the middle of June and one minute its raining and the next the sun is shining brightly and all this unpredicatable weather can be havoc on hair.

So here are Lifestyle Salons Top Tips on keeping your hair healthy this summer:

1. Use a Shampoo which contains IOPS (Inside Out Perfecting System) technology and is an anti-oxident. This will deeply cleanse the hair and protect it from UV rays, as well as leaving your hair hydrated and smooth.
– We recommend KMS California’s Solperfection Shampoo, as this product will protect your hair even if you have been swimming, perfect for a beach holiday.

2. Use a UV protection spray like a leave in conditioner which will instantly hydrate your hair and protect it from the sun.
– We recommend KMS California Solperfection All Day Defense which also contains IOPS technology and will protect your hair if it gets wet.

To get more information on how to protect your hair from UV rays ask your stylist in your next visit to Lifestyle Salons.

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Heidi from Sugarbabes goes Red

Our favourite Blonde Sugerbabe Heidi Range has gone red this summer to promote new chilled wine Gallo Red.

Heidi from Sugarbabes is now a Red Head

Heidi from Sugarbabes is now a Red Head

Red seems to be the shade this summer, its eye-catching and alluring and the right shade of Red can really make you different from the crowd and give you a modern and great going out look.

With Rihanna, Katy Perry, and Blake Lively following the red tresses trend, it won’t be long before we see beaches full of fiery reds on holiday rather than usual Sun kissed Blondes.

Do you want to see what shade of red would suit you and make you stand out this summer? book a FREE consultation online…or call 01908 614642 for the Milton Keynes Salon, or call 01296 330220 for the Aylesbury Salon.

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Top 10 celebrity hair icons – Number 1: Madonna

Number 1 on our countdown of celebrity hair icons is style chameleon and ultimate pop queen Madonna.

From 80’s multi coloured poodle perms that now has lots of women cringing at their school photos, to sleek blonde highlights, to jet black hair, to Platinum Pixie cuts, Madonna has always defied all style conventions by copying the best. No matter how mature she gets she still manages to stay modern with her look, which makes her one of the all-time most successful women in Pop and the ultimate style chameleon.

Do you want Madonna’s style?  book a FREE consultation online…or call 01908 614642 for the Milton Keynes Salon, or call 01296 330220 for the Aylesbury Salon.

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