Lifestyle Salons featured in YOU magazine!

Lifestyle Hairdressing and Beauty Salons featured in “You” Magazine.  We are celebs now too!

In our hairdressing and beauty blog we are always talking about what the celebrities are up to with their hair, make-up and style but guess who has been in the spotlight this week?  Go on – guess!  Yes – US!

“YOU” magazine, Sunday supplement to the Mail on Sunday looks at the family behind our super-chic hairdressing and beauty salons in Milton Keynes and Aylesbury.  The article was written by Josephine Fairley, author of the Beauty Bible, she interviewed Suzy Christie, one of the joint owners of Lifestyle Salons and asked her what was important about being a “village mum” in Whaddon that runs a business.

Suzy Christie

Suzy answered that what makes her happy is “customers who visited the salons when they first opened years ago are still coming back today”.   That actually means a lot to all of us here at Lifestyle Salons as it tells us we aren’t just sending people back out through the door with beautifully styled hair or radiant skin but we have offered them good advice, been friendly, offered value for money and given them a positive and pleasurable hair or beauty experience.

In this financial climate it’s important that you can justify every penny you spend and if we have made you happy, then we’ve done our job.

Read the Lifestyle Hairdressing and Beauty Salons feature in “YOU” magazine here

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