Summer Showers and Highlights

The summer is here! Well the UK summer is here which means showers galore followed by blinding sunshine which makes it very difficult to drive, despite all this the craze is back for highlights. With even steadfast brunettes like Cheryl Cole and even Kim Kardashian jumping on the highlights bandwagon by making their iconic dark hair lighter for the coming summer months.

UK girl Cheryl Cole has had her style team working overtime trying to restablish her reputation in the UK since her rejection from the USA XFactor. We think her new shorter Asymetric do with honey highlights suits her well and definately gives her a maturer edge which we are sure the UK public will grow to love.

On the other side of the pond talent show star and style icon Kim Kardashian has had her dark locks lightened in time for her wedding this summer. She quotes in a tweet ‘I feel younger and im loving it’!.

Are you considering highlights for the summer? book a FREE consultation online…or call 01908 614642 for the Milton Keynes Salon, or call 01296 330220 for the Aylesbury Salon.

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One Response to Summer Showers and Highlights

  1. Elizabeth says:

    Cheryl Cole’s new hairstyle is really cute. I’ve always been wary of asymmetric hairstyles for myself, but she definitely pulls it off!

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