About Jessica Nails

Natural Nail Care Has Never Looked So Good!

Known as the ‘First Lady of Nails’ Jessica Vartoughlan founded Jessica Nail Clinic in 1969. Being the first nail salon of its kind then and now. Jessica Nail Clinic remains the foremost centre of natural nail care with its unique manicure technique and exceptional treatments created by JESSICA.

Used by celebrities of film, television, politics and society, as well as those who simply want lovely natural nails, Jessica Nails exceed the everyday manicure and pedicure.

JESSICA is a pioneer in the professional nail care industry as she was the first to recognise that like skin and hair, all nails are now alike as well, identifying the four different nail types – damaged, dry, brittle or normal – and creating specific treatments for each type. JESSICA’s unique nail care philosophy is behind each and every product of her extensive range.

Extend the LIFE of your MANICURE, up to Two Weeks!

Between Appointments…

JESSICA’s natural nails are known for their signature quality. Lustrous colours that glide on like silk, looking fresh for up to two weeks!  To maximise the life of every manicure, always use JESSICA Home Maintanence products.

Click here to book your JESSICA nails appointment, or call 01908 614642 for the Milton Keynes Salon or call 01296 330220.

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