Top 10 celebrity hair icons – Number 10: Sienna Miller

We are going to count down the top 10 celebrity hair icons of all time and at number 10 is ‘GI Joe’ actress Sienna Miller.

Fresh faced blonde Sienna Miller appeared in Alfie with Jude Law wearing a 60’s style bouffant and the rest is history. Creative and fearless with fashion Sienna is known for her unique style which she calls ‘boho sheek’, she is a big fan of 1960’s style big hair with loads of layers.

How to get Sienna Miller’s hair:

Sienna style’s is part of the bedhead generation of fashionistas which includes Kate Moss and Alexa Chung. This style is reffered to as ‘The-Not-Too-Perfect Hair.

1. To start with wash your hair with a good quality shampoo and conditioner.

2. Make the most of your layers by rough blow drying your hair and using your hands to create texture. Tip your head upside down to get more volume.

3. When your hair is 90% dry, lightly spray your layers with a texturising spray, we recommend KMS Sea Salt Spray, which will give you that great beach-hair look.

4. Blast your hair in different directions with the blow dryer until your hair is completely dry, now you can wear it down or pin part of it back in a clip, remember to leave some front layers down to soften your face if you want to imitate Sienna.

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