Top 10 hairstyles of all time – No 5: The Updo

Number 5 on the count down of the top 10 hairstyles of all time is the Updo.

Whether you are deciding on a hairstyle for an event, or want to look more professional, the Updo is very versatile and great for changing your look without cutting your hair. You can really play with Updos using many techniques from twisting to plaiting and you can make them even more glamorous with a great hair accessory.

Updos are perfect for big events and with the Academy Awards coming up we take a look at the Updos that we think will be shown on the red carpet this year:

Lifestyle Salons stylists will be available at Vanilla Bridal‘s Accessories night on Thursday 31st March 2010, where we will be giving away free 15 minute updos for brides to trial before their big day. For more information call Vanilla Bridal on 01908 217757.

If you want to have a consultation about what updo would suit you for a special event,  book a FREE consultation online…or call 01908 614642 for the Milton Keynes Salon, or call 01296 330220 for the Aylesbury Salon.

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