Top 10 hairstyles of all time – No 10: Plaits

Number 10 on the count down of the top 10 hairstyles of all time is plaited hair.
Plaits are not just for kids, they are a fun and manageable way to make your style more versatile and they can be used for any location from the office to the nightclub.

Very popular for weddings and the red carpet, plaits can make a simple style look chic and glamorous.

How to get the Fishtail Plait at home…

1. Start by getting the volume on top by dividing your hair into sections and backcombing.

2. Then lightly smooth your hair down and brush all your hair to the side of your head.

3. Divide the hair that has been moved to the side into 2 equal parts.

4. Get a small piece of hair from the left hand piece and bring it round to the front so it is wrapped completely over the large piece. Do the same with the right piece and then the left again, then right, keep alternating.

5. When you have finished at the bottom of your hair use a clear plastic band to keep the plait in place and then lightly mess up the plait by separating some of the strands so the plait doesn’t look so neat.

6. Finish with a shine hairspray to keep it in place, we recommend Chic Shine Hairspray from TIGI S-Factor… and you are done.

If you want to have a consultation about what plaited style would suit you, or even learn how to recreate the plaited looks at home,  book a FREE consultation online…or call 01908 614642 for the Milton Keynes Salon, or call 01296 330220 for the Aylesbury Salon.

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