Style Icons of 2010 – No 1: Emma Watson

Number 1 on the count down of the most requested styles for 2010 is a young actress who had a radical style change to take on tougher more mature roles than Hermoine in Harry Potter… guessed who yet, its none other than the gorgeous Emma Watson with her Mia Farrow inspired Pixie cut.

Emma Watson2010 was the year of the Pixie Cut, all the A-List stars were going for it, from Carey Mulligan to Michelle Williams, but in our opinion no one stood out more than Emma. Our clients love this Mia Farrow inspired cut it is a great haircut for confident women everywhere.

How to get Emma’s pixie cut…

1. If you have the nerve and the confidence to go for the chop you should ask the stylist for a Pixie cut with an inch left at the nape of the neck. To go full Pixie also ask for a very short side swept fringe.

2. This is a great ‘wash and go’ do, and the very short fringe can be used to make the look more versatile,
by either sweeping it to one side or letting it cover the top Redken Smooth Down Sleek Obedience Balm
half of your forehead.

3. You can also play with the texture in the layers in this style, either make it sleek like Emma at the last year’s Harry Potter premiere with something like Redken’s Smooth Down Sleek Obedience Balm or apply a light gel to damp hair and tousle for a glam night out.

If you want to copy Emma’s look or need some help recreating it at home,  book a FREE consultation online…or call 01908 614642 for the Milton Keynes Salon, or call 01296 330220 for the Aylesbury Salon.

All products shown are available in the salons, please call the numbers above for more details or to purchase…

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