Style Icons of 2010 – No 8: Fearne Cotton

So what was number 8 on our list of the most requested celebrity styles for 2010?….Number 8 on the count down is the popular Radio 1 Presenter who is a frequent Glastonbury resident with her unique festival looks, guessed who yet, that’s right its none other than miss personality herself Fearne Cotton with her just below the shoulder length two-tone hairstyle.

Fearne Cotton two tone hairHow to get Fearne’s look

To go au natural like Fearne is a great way to get the health back into your hair by going back to your natural roots and adding some lovely lighter tones in your hair to keep it from looking too dull.
This style is also perfect for women who don’t want to lose the length but want a change.

1. To get this style you need to start off with long hair with no split ends, so a good trim is a priority. If you want to go as short as Fearne, ask for a just below the shoulder length cut.

2. To get the natural look like Fearne ask your stylist for two lighter tones in your hair which are a shade or two lighter than your natural colour, however make sure the roots match your natural hair colouring.Catwalk Root Boost Spray

3. To add the height for this look spray a quality mousse such as Tigi Catwalk Root Boost Spray into the roots of your hair and then use a rounded brush to lift the hair from the roots while blow drying.

Catwalk Curls Rock Spray4. To complete the look use tongs to curl each section of your hair, the smaller the tongs the tighter the curl. When all your hair is curled, separate each curl and spritz lightly with a product like Tigi Catwalk Curls Rock Spray to keep the waves in place.

If you want to copy Fearne’s look or need some help creating it at home, come to the salon or book a FREE consultation online…

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