How to keep your hair healthy this Winter

Winter can play havoc with your hair, it can become dry and unmanageable, which is not what you need when you try to style it for Christmas party.

We have some helpful suggestions to keep your hair healthy this winter…

1. If you have a busy life remember to take the right vitamins, B6, B12, evening primrose Shiny Hairoil, and a good brand multivitamin can help give your hair and skin that healthy glow.

2. Get regular trims to keep the split ends away, once every 6 weeks should be fine. To book an appointment for a trim at Lifestyle click here.

3. Massaging your scalp each time you wash your hair will get rid of any dry skin and keep dandruff at bay.

4. The sun can dry your hair out (even in winter), use a hair and styling products with UV protection to prevent this.

5. If you use straighteners or curlers often, invest in a good heat protector spray.Healthy Diet

6. A well balanced diet that include many fruits, vegetables and Omega oils is crucial for keeping your hair healthy and strong.

7. In cold weather both the hair and scalp dries out easily, do not shampoo your hair too often, not more than once a day.

8. To deal with static just spray a little bit of hairspray onto a hairbrush and smoothen your hair with the brush.

9. Treat yourself to a nice conditioning treatment. Our Morrocan Oil treatment is perfect for the putting the moisture back into winter hair.

10. Run your hair through with cold water after shampooing to lock in the moisture.

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