The miracle benefits of Moroccan Oil

Everyone is talking about it ‘Morrocan Oil is a hairdresser’s dream’. The many benefits it provides for lots of different hair types makes it the most versatile hair product on the market and a main staple of many celebrity hairdressers’ kits.

From up and coming actresses such as Twlight’s Anna Kendrick who used Moroccan Oil for the 2010 Oscars to international singing superstars such as Katy Perry who used the ‘miracle’ product for the 2009 Grammys, everyone is loving Moroccan Oil…. and now you can experience its benefits for yourself.

Only at Lifestyle Salons we are offering you a chance to experience Moroccan Oil before you purchase the product with our new MOT (Moroccan Oil Treatment) service.

Moroccan Oil Treatment

As part of your regular cut and finish with the salon we will be offering you this treatment for 50% of the normal price for the whole of November… you can experience our MOT treatment for only £6.00, to book click here.

The 10 main benefits of Moroccan Oil:

Benefit 1: Softens thick unmanageable hair.
Benefit 2: Promotes healing to the hair with no build-up.
Benefit 3: Strengthens brittle hair.
Benefit 4: Restores shine and softness to lifeless, dull hair.
Benefit 5: Eliminates frizz.
Moroccan Oil Range
Benefit 6: Speeds up styling time by 40%.
Benefit 7: Provides long-term conditioning for all hair types.
Benefit 8: The Vitamin E alleviates itchy, dry scalps.
Benefit 9: Protects against UV damage.
Benefit 10: Reduces drying time.

If you have tried Moroccan Oil please let us know your opinion of this product in the comments box below.

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